The Power of Mum’s Touch – Infant Massage

Did you know taking part in an infant massage course with your new little bundle of loveliness can help ward off or aid recovery from post-natal depression?

It Takes a Little Bit of Work

We’ve all heard how much we’ll fall in love with our babies as soon as we set eyes on them, but the reality for some mums is, it takes a little bit of work.  Here’s the good news: an infant massage course, such as the one starting here in The elbowroom on Monday, March 20th, can make that little bit of work really effective and enjoyable.

5 Week Course

Throughout this 5-week course, you’ll be guided through different massage strokes to help your baby with everything from wind and colic to getting down to the business of sleep (eventually for the night!).

Postnatal Depression Recovery

Baby massage has also been proven to aid the recovery of mums suffering from postnatal depression, by encouraging bonding with baby through that healing power of touch. Both giving and receiving a massage releases oxytocin the feel-good hormone, so both you and baby get the benefits of the session. You know how good you feel after a massage?  Just think, you can give baby that lovely feeling with your own hands!

Social Date

Its also a great social date for you and baby, so leave time for tea and healthy treats in our cafe afterwards!

The 5-week course starts Monday, 20th of March and costs €100 – but remember most health insurers will refund you some or all of the cost so check out your policy. You can book a place online here.






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