Pregnancy Yoga – Empowering Women

Here at The elbowroom we passionately believe in empowering women. We believe this empowerment is crucial to a positive birthing experience. This is the aim of our prenatal yoga classes and workshops. But enough from us. We’ll let our mums do the talking…

From Lauren

“I’m just writing to tell you that I had a beautiful baby boy last Sunday night. I want to thank you for your wonderful classes throughout my pregnancy! I can’t believe it’s all over now and he is here.

After practicing hypnobirthing and making it to one of your classes each week I felt so prepared for labour and birth and I was looking forward to it.

Thanks so much for everything. All your knowledge and support was so useful. Thank you for creating such a lovely space for women to relax and tune in with themselves and their babies once a week away from the hustle and bustle of life and trying to organise everything for baby and trying to prepare mentally for the big change that lies ahead.

We’re very grateful.”pregnancy

From Niamh

“The controlled breathing from my yoga class allowed me to stay centered, calm and alert”

From Trish

“We went 16 days overdue and (thanks to Lisa) we were able to confidently negotiate a safe postponement of induction by 24 hours. I was happy to be induced then and my baby was born on a sunny Saturday evening. Please tell Aoife that her hip circles got me through the first 8-10 hours of early labour!!!”

From Anna

“Thank you very much, Lisa, your advice made a huge difference in my life!”

Hopefully, we’ll see you in The elbowroom so we can help you have your own positive birthing experience. We have lots of great pregnancy classes on during the week and I have a number of pregnancy weekend workshops coming up in the near future starting off with Emily’s CalmMama : Breath, Relax, Birth Workshop Saturday 18th November 2017.


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