Get all the pregnancy support You need

Get all the pregnancy support You need

Keeping your strength up during pregnancy isn’t always easy. Physically and emotionally it’s a lot to deal with. Raging hormones, swollen ankles, forever hungry, fretting over finances. You really are being put through your paces. Although some sail through pregnancy and have oodles of energy, many others will need a helping hand.


We have put together a practical toolkit of techniques for mothers and their partners. Many expectant mums are not aware of the choices ahead of them, how to make them or often even what they are!

We run a preparing for birth workshop where you will learn: How to labour safely and comfortably. Your partner can up-skill quickly and become a great birthing partner. We’ll help you both build a strategy for managing labour and birth, tell you the best positions and breathing techniques for all stages. You’ll learn how to minimize medical intervention and how to keep labour progressing. Plus you can get all the advice you need for successful breastfeeding.

If you would like advice or support during your pregnancy feel free to contact us. We’re want to help make your pregnancy the best experience you can achieve and prepare your body for the best birth possible.

We provide real solutions for common pregnancy problems and use proven techniques to reduce the need for induction and move a baby who is determined to stay in the wrong position.

Our clinic therapists can help with many common symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, fatigue, water retention. We have years of experience dealing with structural problems such as lower back pain, pubic bone dysfunctions and sciatica to name a few.


Pregnancy Pilates is a great way to stay fit and strong throughout your clinical-pregnancy-pilatespregnancy. During this time your body is constantly changing. Our Pilates classes will help strengthen the weakened areas and stretch those tight muscles.

All exercises during class have been carefully selected to target your deep stabalising abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which will help reduce the risk of back pain during your pregnancy.

I’ll be hosting my next Preparing For Birth workshop this Saturday 6th February 2016 where I’ll pass on years of wisdom and experience and give a practical toolkit of techniques to expectant mothers and their partners.

About the author: Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa opened The elbowroom in February 2003. Mother to Tuilelaith and Sean, director of The elbowroom and with a crew of over 60 staff, she is a busy bee. Lisa leads a team committed to bringing health and vitality to all of her clients. Lisa currently teaches in our yoga training programs and oversees pregnancy yoga and mum & baby yoga. Lisa works hard developing healthy food choices for Yin & Tonic @ The elbowroom. She specialises paediatric and pregnancy with workshops, yoga therapy, and craniosacral therapy.

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.