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Read what our customers say about our clinic services.

Induction Support

After having three great pregnancies and perfect babies, I decided on my fourth pregnancy to give myself some ‘me time’ and I joined The elbowroom to take up some pregnancy yoga classes. Not quite knowing what to expect, I went to about three classes per week, from the third trimester, and was able to experience a number of the different yoga teachers and the different approaches they had. I found their genuine interest in each individual in the class, and the absolute relaxing atmosphere of the venue highly unexpected and made me feel wonderful after each class.

All was going well until week 38, when I had some pre-eclampsia symptoms and was admitted overnight to hospital, where I was advised to take high-blood pressure medication, which, if didn’t work, next step would be induction. I had experience an induction in my first pregnancy, and I did not want to go down that road again, for many reasons. Luckily the medication kicked in, and I left the hospital the next morning, but required to return twice a week to check blood pressure. Every time I attended the hospital, I was nervous and stressed about the impending result of the blood pressure tests, and felt the constant pressure of the doctor’s advice to undertake an induction. Doctors spoke of possible risks to the baby of high blood pressure and of their policy to not allow the pregnancy to go past 40 weeks once under medication. I felt like I had lost total control of the last few weeks of my pregnancy and did not know what to do.

Then I spoke to Lisa from The elbowroom. She had an abundance of knowledge about childbirth and naturally inducing labour. She gave me some great advice about how to ‘manage’ my relationship with my doctor, which left me feeling empowered to make the decisions for myself rather than feeling like I had no choice. I began attending the Clinic for acupuncture, where Kevin was amazing, helping me with stress and relaxation and also stimulating natural labour. I also spoke with Leah at the Clinic for homeopathic remedies for stimulating labour. She gave me a ‘labour pack’ which had many useful homeopathic remedies.

Nine days after my due date, my beautiful baby boy was born, no induction necessary, just a natural labour and natural birth.

I really feel like I would not have been able to hold out from the pressure of the doctors without the support and advice of the professionals at The elbowroom. As much as speaking with friends and family helps somewhat, speaking with people in ‘the know’ and on the same wave-length made me feel like I had choices and I had support, and I therefore could make my own decisions.

I would highly recommend speaking to Lisa, Kevin and Leah at The elbowroom, and would like to thank them for all they did for me. Tanya Quinn


“I had my first osteopathy experience when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my second child.  The reason for the visit was the fact that my baby was breech and on my previous pregnancy I had to have a cesarean section for my son as he was breech.  I am a midwife and relish the opportunity to have a natural birth. I really did not want another section and so started to look into alternative treatments.
I got great advice to go see the osteopath at The elbowroom clinic.  I found Jonathan extremely professional and I had a thorough head to toe assessment to which (among other things) he pointed out that my pelvis did need to be worked on to create more space helping to release tight ligaments that can cause the baby to remain breech. He explained everything in detail and the rational for each maneuver as he went along-which I appreciated as being a Midwife I liked to hear the science behind the treatment. He gave me exercises to do and a hot/cold treatment plan and informed me about how I would feel over the following days, which was exactly how I did feel. I felt as if my pelvis had had a full workout and I felt great all over.
I had one further follow up appointment where he re-assed my pelvis and notice improvements and carried out further maneuvers. I am happy to say that a week after my second treatment (3 weeks after my first appointment) my baby turned head down and I can now hope for a normal delivery.
I found the advantage of going to The elbowroom Clinic is their knowledge and experience with Pregnant women which provided me with great reassurance.
Well worth the session and highly recommend the practice.” Katie Orton. Midwife Holles St

I suffered from acute back pain at the beginning of my pregnancy and heard about Jonathan’s osteopathy treatment from my yoga instructor. On visiting Jonathan I found him to be very knowledgable, professional and friendly. After only 3 sessions my back pain had completely gone, Jonathan also gives you advice on what you can do at home to relieve pain and he shows you exercises to practice so the pain does not come back. I now recommend him to anyone suffering from any type of aches or pains. I have since been back with other pregnancy related aches and on leaving the clinic have felt like I was walking on air!!! To get that type of pain relief without having to take any over the counter drugs is a real comfort during pregnancy.’ Susanne

‘I found my treatments very effective with Jonathan, and the costs were very reasonable for the service provided. After having a baby my lower and upper back were really stiff and unstable. Through treatments with Jonathan they have improved alot. I found him very good at training me how to do exercises correctly to strength my core. I would recommend Jonathan’s services to my friends or family anytime.’ Beth

‘Firstly we are big supporters of the Elbow Room I have had two children and had back problems through both pregnancies which I have been fixed completely members of your professional team.
It was after our second son was born we noticed that his head had become particularly flat on one side which was impacting the symmetry of his face – one of his eyes was smaller than the other and one side of his forehead protruded out further than the other, (we took him to see a specialist where he was was diagnosed with having deformational plagiocephaly) which had been perpetuated by him sleeping on the same side, because his neck muscles had become frozen. We decided to take him to the Elbow Room to see Jonathan as he specialises in paediatric and cranial osteopathy – as a prelude to him getting the treatment that he would require to fix the plagiocephaly. We found Jonathan to be extremely professional, personable and very gentle in manner. Our son took to him straight away, his diagnosis was spot on and the issue with his neck muscles was rectified over a course of treatment.
Jonathan was very keen to be kept informed of our sons development as well as wanting feedback from the various consultants that we took him to see during this process. The cost of the treatment was only secondary to having the problem resolved and we were happy to pay Jonathan’s fee. I would DEFINITELY recommend Jonathan to anyone who was looking for this type of treatment.‘  Mary

I visited The elbowroom Clinic to see Jonathan for osteopathy services for my son who had a flat head. I found the treatment very beneficial and there was a vast improvement in the appearance of the shape of my son’s head by the end of his treatment. The cost of the treatments were reasonable and especially if you have health insurance. Jonathan gave me detailed exercises also to do at home with my son and always made sure that I felt confident with these exercises before I left his clinic. Jonathan is very friendly and professional and always asked if I had any questions or needed more information regarding his treatment plan. I have recommended Jonathan to my friends, especially those with children. Jennifer

Tom is our second baby and we noticed that he was looking to the right and not moving his head to the left, which was causing his head to flatten at one side. No matter how much we moved his head and stimulated him to look left he would always look right. We did 6 sessions with Jonathan resulting in Tom looking both ways now. He moves his head in his sleep and the right side of his head is nearly curved again. He has no stress when you turn his head to the left. The costs were reasonable and with our health insurance you can claim back some of the cost. I have recommended Jonathan’s services to all my friends and family. Edwina

I found osteopathic treatments with Jonathan to be very effective. I first began having treatments with Jonathan having attended a free workshop provided by him on osteopathy in pregnancy. I had recurring inner thigh muscle strain for years and tried other more traditional approaches such as physiotherapy in the past, however this problem continued. I suspected it may originate from slight pelvic misalignment and decided to seek Jonathan’s advice prior to childbirth. A course of a few treatments eased the strain I had been experiencing for years! During my pregnancy, I became extremely uncomfortable with back rib pain and nothing seemed to ease this. I had just about resigned my self to accepting that this was a pregnancy symptom that I would have to suffer on with until the baby arrived, until I spoke to Jonathan. One treatment gave me instant relief and three treatments gave me full relief from this pain. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort in their body. There is no need to continue suffering. Elaine
I found Jonathan’s treatment Incredibly effective. It changed our baby’s life and ours as a result. Jonathan is very knowledgeable and specialised in dealing with babies and doesn’t drag it on, so it definitely is worth it.
What was the outcome of your/your child’s treatments with Jonathan?
Jonathan started to treat our daughter, when she was about 10 weeks old. She was constantly terribly unsettled, crying a lot in pain without any clear visible reasons in sight. When Jonathan treated her the first time, it was the first time ever, that I saw her being fully relaxed. It was such a relieve for her and for us. After a few treatments, she turned into a different person, relaxed, pain free and just a happy little baby, as she is supposed to be.
I have already recommended Jonathan’s services to my friends and family. Osteopathy offers something, that school medicine doesn’t. It is a very gentle, unobtrusive way of helping the body. It takes a bit of time, but Jonathan taught us little massages, with which we were able to help our baby in between visits and which sped things along. Jonathan really has a knack for dealing with children and I totally trust his abilities. My only regret is, that I waited 10 entire agonising weeks, before bringing our daughter to him… Ina

I found the treatments with Jonathan worked very well on my baby, she had a lot of stomach problems and these improved a lot. She was immediately more settled after the first session. Jonathan was very professional and good with dealing with a small baby and took the time to explain everything clearly. The baby had a very good response to the treatments. I would recommend the osteopathy services in the elbowroom and I wish I had gone sooner. Fiona


‘I left it quite late (38 weeks pregnant) to contact Kevin about acupuncture for pregnancy, and he advised 3 x 30 minute treatments would be best at that stage. I went in to labour the evening of the 3rd treatment (one day before my due date!) and I am sure that the acupuncture was responsible. Kevin also showed me pressure points to work on myself at home and the night I went in to labour I went to a concert after my session with Kevin and spent about 3 hours working the pressure points at the concert, went home to bed and woke up 1.5 hours later in labour! Anyone who asks about my labour I tell them that the acupuncture was responsible for me not going over the due date.
I found the costs very reasonable. Kevin always gave me extra time if he didn’t have a client after me. You can also claim some money back on health insurance.I also had a relatively short labour (6.5 hrs) which seemingly is unusual on your first baby. I had a natural birth without being induced or needing the epidural. It was an extremely positive experience and I definitely think acupuncture played a big part in this. I have recommend Kevin’s services to my friends or family and will continue to do so!’ Maria

“I have been regularly visiting Kevin for acupuncture for the past 7 months.  We were planning a baby at that time and I wanted to utilise a holistic approach.  From the very first appointment that I had with Kevin, I felt completely at ease.  It is hugely beneficial that Kevin has expertise and competence in both naturopathy and acupuncture as the combination approach has worked exceptionally well for me!  
When I found out I was pregnant last November we were over the moon. I have been visiting Kevin on a monthly basis throughout the pregnancy and I have found it has made the pregnancy very smooth and straightforward.  Not an ounce of morning sickness or any complaints! Kevin has a warm, personable style and is very in tune with his clients from both a physical and mental perspective!
The cost is reasonable and Kevin will only recommend you attend for a particular course as opposed to promoting needless appointments.  I can also claim back have the cost through health insurance which is great.  I have recommended Kevin to many friends and my sister is currently attending Kevin as well, which I believe is the best

‘I attended acupuncture for help with fertility support.  I felt very positive about the treatment and felt that it was beneficial.  Kevin is very approachable and together we worked out an affordable and manageable treatment plan.  I found the treatment truly holistic, as along with acupuncture, Kevin also offered advice about general lifestyle issues, such as diet and stress management, all of which have made a huge difference.  The whole experience has been very positive and I would highly recommend Kevin Callan.’ Ashley

‘I saw Kevin for four sessions of acupuncture in the last month of my pregnancy. I really enjoyed the sessions and felt that the acupuncture helped me to have a positive birth experience. I found the costs reasonable and would definitely recommend Kevins services.’ Shamsa

I’ve been seeing Kevin Callan, Acupuncturist & Naturopath for the past number of months. I started getting treatment for fertility reasons, as recommended by a friend. I really look forward to my relaxing, weekly sessions and got pregnant after a short number of treatments. But more than anything, I felt more energetic and less stressed as a result of the Kevin’s treatments. As an Acupuncturist and Naturopath, Kevin is very knowledgeable, but explains things in simple, layman’s terms. The price of Kevin’s treatments are very affordable and he is very accommodating. I have recommended Kevin as an Acupuncturist to friends, and will again.

Physical Therapy

Ciarán is currently is treating me for diastasis but has also been very helpful in addressing and giving advice on some running problems I’ve had for quite a while. My treatment is still in progress with Ciarán, but I’m showing improvement. He was very clear and articulate, pleasant, patient and his exercises are working. He was also patient with the fact that I brought my baby with me to the appointments. Cost was reasonable and I would definitely recommend his services! Emily

I found the price reasonable enough to help put right my abdominal separation after my second child was born. Ciarán was both very personable and professional. At first i found it difficult to find time to do my follow up exercises at home. Ciarán seemed to understand the tolls of a busy mum from his other clients and he tailored my
exercise plan to fit comfortably in to my daily routine. He’s a great motivator, listens to his clients individual needs and it’s impossible not to let his positive attitude rub off on you! I would definitely recommend Ciarán to anyone with any postnatal concerns. Jane
I’m still having treatment for diastasis with Ciarán. The costs are reasonable and so far the treatment is working very well. Ciarán is a very confident and informed therapist and I’m very happy with the treatments to date. I’d be happy to recommend him to my friends and family. Fiona


The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.