Birth plans – covering all options

Okay, so now that the bump’s in full view it’s making you a shining beacon for women who want to tell you the worst birth stories ever. How about some good news?

There is a lot you can do to help bring about a natural, calm and easier birth.

Many women birth in hospitals avoiding any medication and medical intervention unless medically necessary. Its all about following the natural rhythms of labour, understanding how their body works and trusting their body.
From the onset, midwives are best trained to support pregnancy and birth with the best outcomes as far as fewer interventions and most definitely mothers profess to having a far better birth experience in their care.
Finding good independent antenatal birth classes and workshops, will not only empower you and give you self belief, it will also empower your birthing companion and give them confidence in their ability to assist and support you.
Have a plan, Birth plans are a great idea to have prepared to bring with you to the hospital and to discuss in advance with your midwife and doctors.

Join us for our upcoming Trust in Birth workshop on September 28th. Watch this video to hear another mums birth plan ideas.

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