Where’s the best place to give birth in Dublin?

Where’s the best place to give birth in Dublin?

Well this might be one of the many questions buzzing around your head if you’ve just found out your pregnant.  Firstly, congratulations!  Now, breathe!

The answer is…wherever you think you will feel most comfortable, safe, secure and happy so that your lovely birthing hormones will be present in spades (that how the best births are fueled!).

Should I have a Home birth?

That’s a question only you can answer. When a women gives birth in the comfort of her own home she tends to be more relaxed and at ease with what is happening. That is providing, of course, that a home birth is what Mum wants and there are no risk factors in her pregnancy. Studies have shown that, for low risk mothers, home birth is just as safe as giving birth in a hospital. Recently the HSE published its Maternity Strategy and promised to make home birth more accessible for this very reason. Here in Dublin, and surrounding counties there are 2 options with regard to home birth (you’ll need to check this with your hospital as different areas have different systems). The firsts option is home birth attended by Community Midwives attached to a maternity hospital or the second option is home birth attended by an Independent Midwife. For more information about home birth you can contact the Irish Home Birth Association.

If I choose to birth in hospital, what are the care options?

If you decide you’d prefer to go the hospital route there are a few options for care:

Consultant/Obstetrician Led Care:

This can be under the private, semi-private or public system. Your antenatal care is overseen and in many cases, carried out by a consultant obstetrician. A consultant may or may not be present at the birth. Under the private route you’ll usually see the same consultant for all your antenatal appointments, semi-private it could be a different consultant each time and the same goes for public. The care can be solely under consultant, as in private care, or shared-care with your GP, meaning you would go for every second check up to your GP.

Midwife Led Care:

Midwife led care is under the public system and is usually only for low risk mums (but this should be discussed with the hospital). Under this care you will see a midwife for all your antenatal visits and your birth with be attended by a midwife. Depending what catchment area you are in you may also be eligible for the Domino scheme which gives you the option of atteIMG_4632

Whatever care route you take or wherever you opt to have your baby you should always be happy with the care you are receiving and feel that you are being consulted and listened to on all aspects. If you’re not happy, you CAN switch to another option.

So hopefully that’s helped you out a bit with that rather big question!



About the author: Emily McElarney

Emily McElarney

Emily McElarney is a mum of three, all of whom were birthed naturally in Dublin maternity hospitals, using Hypnobirthing.     She is a huge advocate of hypnobirthing and of promoting natural birth and of the normalcy of birth. Empowering mums and dads to be are hugely important to Emily and her goal in classes is always to empower couples to make informed choices around the birth of their children.   A qualified yoga teacher, Emily teaches pre-natal yoga and postnatal mum & baby yoga in The elbowroom.   A former journalist, Emily currently contributes to media discussion on birth and normalcy of birth on a regular bases.  She also writes for several publications on birth, birth preparation and infant bonding and engagement.

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