The Final Countdown 6 weeks To The Arrival Of Your Baby

Are you prepared for Birth?

Are you well prepared for birth or perhaps completely overwhelmed at the thought of giving birth & ready to leave it all in the hands of the medical profession?  Either way this is an important time to take note of some worthy advice.

independent birthing workshop

One of the best recommendations we can give is to do an independent birthing workshop to prepare.

Due to busy schedules, juggling responsibilities & getting life ready for your bundle of joy, adrenalin levels are at a high.  This has a direct effect on the important process of cervical softening or ripening.

If stress levels & blood pressure are on the up, this delays the onset of labour which may lead to inductions and medical interventions.

Thankfully we have some great advice

There are many practical & emotional ways to help, most importantly we need to build up your emotional well-being.

  • Be mindful & slow down, not everything has to be done before the baby is born
  • Act normal – go to the flix – eat out – enjoy the freedom if you can, if not listen to music, snuggle up & watch a good movie, order take out & sleeeeep
  • Ideally eat a good organic diet to pack in vitamins and protein.  If this isn’t possible eat as much fresh fruit, veg & protein as you can & ask your local health store to recommend some good supplements
  • Raspberry leaf tea works as a uterine tonic to tone up the uterine muscle in preparation for childbirth and tastes rather yummy. After 36 weeks drink it weak. Then ramp up the concentration after 39 weeks.
  • Have confidence in your body’s ability to cope with labor and the birth of your baby
  • Walking a mile everyday will build your stamina
  • Figure out what your needs are and communicate them to your partner
  • Practice relaxation, focusing and breathing, where possible with your partner to build trust and confidence
  • Locate feeding support group – build up contact with lactation nurse and other new mums
  • Get a massage – to help relax and de-stress, great to remove tension
  • Take evening primrose oil – often used to help soften the cervix, take orally or apply directly on to your cervix to promote softening
  • Acupuncture is proven to help ripen your cervix and helps energy flow to your uterus whilst restoring balance
  • Reflexology – can help ripen the cervix and turn your baby
  • Homeopathy – can help with ripening, deal with emotional stress & turn baby
  • Start sleeping with your babies blanket

If you would like more support,  we have a Trust In Birth workshop this Sunday at the Elbow Room.

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