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Welcome to The elbowroom Reformer Pilates!

For over twenty years, we have been committed to serving our Dublin community with exceptional yoga and Pilates classes, and are excited to introduce our new offering: Reformer Pilates sessions. Our mission is to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, allowing you to unwind, enhance your strength, boost your flexibility, sharpen your focus, and discover inner peace.

Our Reformer Pilates classes merge timeless Pilates techniques with contemporary methods, ideal for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Led by expert instructors using premium equipment, these sessions are designed to support your journey towards better health and well-being.

Whether you are looking to improve your posture, increase athletic performance, or embrace a more balanced lifestyle, our Reformer Pilates classes cater to your individual needs in a friendly and supportive setting.

Join us at The elbowroom Reformer to start your Pilates journey and experience the benefits for yourself.

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Why choose reformer Pilates at The Elbow Room?

Because Pilates is all about precision and demands expert guidance and personalised adjustments.
Don’t get lost in the sea of reformers.

Benefit from individualised attention in our intimate 8-reformer studio. Receive expert instruction from our experienced Reformer Pilates professionals, ensuring every session is tailored to your needs and goals.

€89 - 6-Class Bundle

Intro Offer

Discover the best introductory offer for Reformer Pilates in Dublin, only at The elbowroom! Kickstart your Pilates journey with us and take advantage of our exclusive deal designed specifically for newcomers. This special offer is the perfect way to experience the benefits of Reformer Pilates at a great price.

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Our Reformer Pilates Instructors

Viv Lavin

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April Krautner

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Maider Arrausi

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Guide to Reformer Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates

with Viv Lavin

Dedication to results is at the heart of my Pilates Reformer practice. I’m committed to helping you achieve lasting transformations that extend beyond the studio walls. By combining challenging workouts with a fun approach, I empower individuals to unlock their full potential and reach their fitness goals. Whether you’re striving for a leaner physique, improved posture, or enhanced flexibility, my approach addresses all aspects of physical health and well-being. Through consistent practice and unwavering support, I guide clients on a journey toward greater strength, vitality, and confidence, ensuring that each session brings them closer to their desired results.

Reformer Pilates

with April Krautner

In Reformer Pilates, I focus on full body movement supported by the breath. I utilise resistance springs to add extra strength and support for each exercise. Through consistent practice, you will notice improvements in your posture, core engagement, and mind/body connection.

In class, we start with the foundational aspects of every exercise and then gradually add challenges to accommodate beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll leave feeling adequately challenged and accomplished.

Reformer Pilates

with Maider Arrausi

In this class we will follow the ten Principles of Pilates through the BASI Pilates approach, maintaining the essence of Joseph Pilates’ work with a contemporary style. Each session will address the full body with attention to detail and precision. My aim is to make the practice engaging, uplifting and personalised to each student.

Reformer Pilates Class Schedule

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