200hr Foundation Yoga Teacher Training

This Foundation course will be a split experience, a moving aspect of our training, expressed through vinyasa flow, while we will further enhance your experience of a stable, unmoving approach through restorative and nidra yoga.

This 12-month yoga alliance UK accredited course is open to all yoga students who have been practicing yoga for 2 or more years. Our experienced instructors Sophia Pallaro, Susie Murray, Yaeli Margalit & Orla Fitzpatrick will bring you through a truly integrated yoga training, enabling you to teach and practice internationally.

Vinyasa flow will be the foundation of our asana practice. An introduction to restorative yoga will be included to integrate the yin quality, bringing balance and calm into your body, practice, and teaching.


Applications are now being taken for our course starting on the 6th of July 2019 with a starters workshop on June the 8th with Susie Murray available to course attendees and anyone considering starting our 200hr foundation yoga course.

If you have any questions please email Moya for further details.

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