5 Tips For New Teachers: Teaching Complete Beginners

5 Tips For New Teachers: Teaching Complete Beginners

So you are just about to teach your first class, and all of the wonderful information you learned on your Teacher Training is swimming around in your head.

How can you cherry pick from all of that useful training and make it pertinent to a beginners class?

1.  Learn as much about your students in advance.  Having a document of injuries, illness, age and experience is best.  But, sometimes it is just not possible.  So, at the start of class after centering, bring everyone to child’s pose for a good minute or two and ask if anyone has any injuries or restrictions you should know about could they please just raise their hand and you will go to listen individually.

2.  Be clear in class rules and etiquette.  Explain that if you give a modification, it is not because someone cannot achieve a standard, but because you feel it safer for them to do a different version. ALL bodies are different and Yoga is for all.

3. Be explicit in giving permission to rest at any time.  And cue people to take the opportunity to do so at intervals during the class.

4.  Get your self centred in advance and prepare your voice.  Speak up!  They want and need to hear you.

5.  K.I.S.S.  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID  Much as you want to impart everything you know about the wonderful world of Yoga, they are just not ready yet.  Set simple goals for breathing, warm up, asana, and relaxation and facilitate their learning rather of them.

5a. Please smile! :)

About the author: Susan Church

Susan Church

With a personal practice of 20 years and with many years of extensive teaching practice, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge her students. After a decade of dance training, Susan Church studied Theatre at TCD in the late 1980’s and dance with the National Theatre Institute in Connecticut U.S.A. It was during this time that she received her first yoga training, along with Laban, Alexander method and many other forms of dance and movement. Although, she eventually left the arts, she remained committed to yoga and Pilates. In 1999 she completed her first yoga teacher training and one year later she qualified as a Pilates Instructor and massage therapist. She has completed teacher training courses and equipment certificates along with hundreds of master classes and workshops in Pilates and Yoga. Some schools attended are YTTC, Bodyfirm, Body Control, Stott, Balanced Body and Powerhouse.

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