A book That Inspired You – Susan Church

Lisa: Hi Susan, is there a certain book that has inspired or motivated you to become a better teacher?

There’s so many, but the current one is Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers. I’m always in search of evidence-based information, so for me, this book presents burgeoning proof of what many eastern movements and healing practitioners have been saying anecdotally for centuries.

For now, the information Thomas Myers presents on fascia may just allow us to understand why Yoga asana ( Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Pilates) makes us feel good. This relatively new study of fascia and it’s implications on health and well being may tell us specifically how to use our bodies to strengthen, stretch and hydrate fascia, thus reducing pain and fatigue.

Sometimes our work as movement educators is stymied by the subtlety of sensation required by our students, and our ability to communicate that subtlety. Thomas Myers highlights that subtlety perfectly in his description of the fascia at the core of the body, by using a Robert Frost poem- The Silken Tent. One of the best descriptions of Tadasana I have ever heard.

Susan Church

With a personal practice of 20 plus years and with many years of extensive teaching practice, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge of her students. Susan was the lead instructor at The elbowroom’s foundation Yoga Teacher Training Course. With many years of successful graduates, she is now the key instructor with the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Training Course this summer.susan-church-40254

After a decade of dance training, Susan Church studied Theatre at TCD in the late 1980s and dance with the National Theatre Institute in Connecticut U.S.A. It was during this time that she received her first yoga training, along with Laban, Alexander method and many other forms of dance and movement. Although she eventually left the arts, she remained committed to yoga and Pilates.

In 1999 she completed her first yoga teacher training and one year later she qualified as a Pilates Instructor and massage therapist. She has completed teacher training courses and equipment certificates along with hundreds of master classes and workshops in Pilates and Yoga. Some schools attended are YTTC, Bodyfirm, Body Control, Stott, Balanced Body, and Powerhouse.

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