Advanced Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

The elbowroom’s Advanced Pregnancy Teacher Training teaches how to plant seeds of self-belief and empower women through their journey of pregnancy and birth.

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Mothers, midwives and pregnancy yoga teachers – yoga in pregnancy is more than just moving into postures. The elbowroom’s Advanced Pregnancy Teacher Training course will teach you how to plant seeds of self-belief and empower women through their journey of pregnancy and birth through the super helpful, interesting and fun practices such as below.

Add more to your classes so you can stand out from the rest, have more to offer your students, become a more experienced pregnancy yoga teacher or supporter of birthing women as well as receiving a certificate of attendance on completion.


The investment for this  comprehensive weekend training is €350

A deposit of 100.00 will secure your place on this training.

An early bird price of €300 is available until July23rd, 2022.

1 day of training is an option and the cost is €175.

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Pregnancy Yoga with the Birthing Ball

  • Learn how to teach pregnant students safety when using the birth ball
  • Learn how to teach more than just birth positions with the birth ball
  • Learn how to sequence a some or all of your class with the birth ball
  • Learn seated, standing, squats, classic yoga poses, breathing techniques, relaxation with the ball
  • Learn how to use the ball for comfort measures

Kriya’s & Mudras for Pregnancy, Birth, Fear Release, Empowerment & Motherhood

  • Learn specific Kriya’s for mental & physical strength
  • Learn how you can add Kriya’s to your class in preparation for birth
  • Teach your students Kriya’s they can also practice at home
  • Learn the basics of Kriya’s
  • Learn how to teach your students how Kriya’s can help banish fear, build confidence & endurance
  • Learn what a mudra is & their benefits
  • Learn how to teach women certain mudras for pregnancy, birth, fear release & relaxation
  • Learn how mudra’s can enhance your students class experience

Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy

  • Learn how to teach a restorative pregnancy yoga class
  • Learn the benefits of using props during a pregnancy yoga class
  • Learn specific pregnancy yoga restorative poses
  • Learn how to use restorative pregnancy yoga as an addition to your classes, retreats or as a complete class
  • Learn how to teach pregnant women the benefits of restorative yoga

The Energy Body

  • Learn what The Energy Body is
  • Learn what a Chakra is
  • Learn how to teach women how powerful their energy body is & how to connect to it
  • Learn how to empower women with a focus on the energy body
  • Learn what yoga poses connect to each energy centre
  • Learn chants & mantras for each chakra
  • Learn how to teach women how to create the right atmosphere & affirmations for balance
  • Learn how implementing energy body awareness into your classes can help pregnant people build confidence, connect to baby, trust their body, surround themselves with the right support & decrease stress


Saturday September 3rd 2022

  • 9:30am – 3pm: Pregnancy Yoga with the Birthing Ball (12-1pm lunch)

Learn how to bring the birth ball into your classes for some or all of the asana.  In this workshop, Melissa will teach safety when using the birth ball, optimal fetal position care, seated, standing, kneeling, birth & relaxation positions with the ball. Learn how to show women how to use their birth ball for fun, core work, a good stretch, pelvic floor connection, comfort as well as for birth.

  • 3:20pm – 5:30pm: Kriya’s & Mudras for Pregnancy, Birth, Fear Release, Empowerment & Motherhood

Kryias are a series of actions, which include yoga postures, breath work, sounds and mudras that work towards specific outcomes.  These are incredibly empowering practices that help support women through the challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenting.  In the world famous book Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda says that Kryias are the most effective practice in yoga for personal evolution, the expansion of consciousness and self realization! Add Kryias to your pregnancy yoga toolbox of fear releasing, confidence building, birth preparation and empowering techniques!

Mudras are like yoga for the hands that benefit the body and mind. Melissa has chosen mudra’s most useful during pregnancy that can hopefully bring about a sense of calm, empowerment, strength, wisdom & confidence to your students as well as yourself!

Sunday September 4th 2022

  • 9:30am – 3pm Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy (lunch 12-1pm)

Adding restorative pregnancy yoga to your teaching schedule will no doubt make you a very popular teacher! There are countless benefits to resting for all the systems in our body. Restorative yoga adds a little extra by using props and positions for more comfort as well as body and mind nourishment. Restorative yoga is a perfect way to help the body rest and regenerate in order to complete this profound and instinctual task of creating a human being. Restorative yoga also allows the mind to rest from the stresses and worries a woman may be feeling during pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Learning how to relax is just as important as being active. Balance is key, which you can teach your students. In this workshop, you will learn all about what restorative yoga is, why it can be so beneficial to add into your pregnancy yoga classes or workshops, key restorative yoga poses that you could add into your regular classes or create a whole restorative workshop as a treat for pregnant people.

  • 3:20pm-5:30pm: The Energy Body

It is believed there are 72,000 nadis (energetic line ) in the body, all intersecting at a chakra.  A chakra is a powerhouse of energy and we’ll be learning about the main 7 energy centers, Chakras, in the body during this workshop. These energy centers are particularly interesting during pregnancy as women prepare the mind and body for the journey through birth and motherhood.  Balancing the chakras can ease stress and fears as well as help a woman feel empowered.  During this workshop you will learn where each chakra is, what quality they hold, inspiring affirmations for each one, what yoga poses enhance the energy of each one, how a student can connect to this sacred spiritual space in her body, we will learn chakra chants and mantras as well as how you can encourage women to create the right atmosphere for connection as well as other comfort practices that could be added to your class. Bonus chakra rainbow meditation included.


To attend this course students should have no less than 2 years of practice history, students should display a passion for yoga and health. This training is open to the following –

  • 200hr trained yoga instructors
  • Pregnancy yoga teacher certificate holders
  • Midwives with yoga experience

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