Anatomy for Yoga Teachers – Gary Carter

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers – Gary Carter
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Open to all movement practitioners, yoga teachers, Pilates Instructors, Dancers, Barre instructors, Fitness instructors.


The elbowroom is delighted to welcome the much sought after instructor Gary Carter for his only Irish Workshop (Anatomy for Movement Practitioners) this year.We all know how important it is to keep our well of knowledge topped up. Without inspiring gurus, our teaching can become jaded and effects our energy in class. Gary’s 4-day immersion will not only inspire you but rejuvenate your teaching skills.

Day 1 – Gravity, Bones, Rolling Bones Influence of shape on movement and asana. A new look on joint dynamics, exploration of gravity’s effect on our structure, movement and posture along with how it shapes us and how to learn to follow the information bone gives us.
Day 2 -Fascia, The Tensional Network, Myofascial Arrangements, Anatomy of Connection Learning to understand the fascial network, its structure, form and function. It’s ability to pass tensional forces through the body which can be beneficial or to our detriment. How tension in the system creates freedom of movement. Working with myofascial connections and inter-relationships, the importance of muscle on the fascial web.
Day 3 – Foot and Spine Relationships Exploring the Foot and its structure. How to create gravitational freedom from knowing how to utilise the foot in all movement and the profound effects on spinal health and freedom.
Day 4 – Breath to leg connections, where the Arms really come from A look at the breath and what drives movement and its effects on the spine. We study and understand the breathing relationship between the legs and hip joint freedom. Where the arms come from and the effect this ultimately has on all movement, posture and inversions.

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