Goal-Setting & Energy Medicine with Orla Fitzgerld

Goal-Setting & Energy Medicine with Orla Fitzgerld
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In this module, you will explore the nature of the mind and its impact on all aspects of who you are. You will discover how your thoughts and beliefs influence your health, wellbeing and, ultimately, how you live your life. Using the teachings of Yoga, Chinese medicine and Western science, you will learn techniques to identify and change self-limiting beliefs and behaviours; promote optimum mental and physical health; and cultivate living day-to-day consciously in harmony with your true self.

Over the course of the two days, we will:

  • Explore how biology adapts to your beliefs.
  • Learn Energy Psychology techniques, which combine Chinese and Western medical theory and practice, including understandings from Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, and Epigenetics.
  • Gain an understanding of the Taoist and Chinese medicine teaching of living a simple, balanced life in harmony with nature, including the concepts of Yin/Yang, Qi, the Meridians, and Acupressure points.
  • Learn how to work with Intentions, Goals and Dreams. Apply Energy Psychology techniques, including the gentle tapping of acupressure points, to unlock any self-limiting beliefs and ways of being.
  • Take what you have learned and explore how you can apply it to your own life, in your yoga practice and to your teachings.

Orla Fitzgerald is delighted to be leading this 2-day teacher training in energy medicine and the nature and impact of our beliefs on all aspects of who we are. Orla is a yoga teacher, acupuncturist and Chinese medical herbalist with a background in science, specialising in genetics. She is particularly interested in bringing together the wisdom of Eastern and Western science, medicine and contemplative practices to foster health and harmony in day-to-day life.

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