200hr online Slow Flow Myofascial Yoga teacher training with Susan Church

This 200hr Foundation Yoga Teacher Training places an emphasis on Teaching Methodologies and style, ensuring students have access to real-world techniques for sharing the magic of Yoga with their students.

The course will run part time over 12 months, The structure is as follows –

Wednesday evenings (starting end March 2021 – Feb 2022, 33 sessions @3hrs)  6pm – 9pm – online

1 Saturday a  month – Starting April 2021 – 8 sessions @ 5hrs – online.

1 x 6 day intensive in person – October 6th – 11th 2021, 48hrs – in person.

Asana & Practice

An in-depth exploration of asana both as static and dynamic slow- transitioning poses

Alignment guidelines are suitable for common postures and populations. With variations for slow flow practice.

Pre- poses to prepare the body from a Myofascial perspective using 4 main myofascial training methods.

GLIDE: Training low load 3-D movement between adjacent tissues. Reaching areas of adhesion, or dehydration and encouraging a more lubricated environment. Essential for ease of movement and healthy patterns.

ELASTIC LOADING: Using small amounts of soft elastic bounce to enhance natural, more energy-efficient movement strategies. Training a more youthful architecture.

TENSEGRITY, SPIRALING and BODYWIDE INTEGRATION:  By practicing low load multidirectional movements, push-pull and listening, we can progress our asana into a real-time fully functional approach to Yoga. Training fully integrated load transfer through joints, muscles, fascia and bone, enhances proprioception and healthy movement patterns leading to movement courage and quality of life.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Post pose myofascial melt sessions using massage balls and rollers for tissue nourishment and hydration.In-depth self-study of asana and how they impact the individual teacher trainee.Exploration asana and their suitability relating to specific outcomes, goals, anatomy, themes and personal preference.Guidance in Sequence building for general classes. Building a creative intent from day 1

Instruction in building a self-practice

Interoception & Proprioception in the yoga class







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