Embodied Anatomy – Myofascial movement – The Upper Body

Embodied Anatomy – Myofascial movement – The Upper Body
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Fascia. The new yet age-old concept that movement is not just vectors and levers, but an amazing, sensory trip through body-wide lines of tensegrity. Join us for a first peek into a 3D movement that is fluid and extra strong at the same time.

We will delve into the connection from the arms to the torso and explore the reality of core strength from a fascial perspective. Delving into Healthy arm balances, strength, and glide in the upper body.

  • Begin to explore the concept of Fascia and myofascial
  • Gain ease through glide and elastic recoil
  • Use release techniques to dissolve adhesion
  • Fascia is a sensory Organ – begin to understand its role in proprioception and introspection.
  • Tailor Yoga practice to be more fascia orientated

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