“I found the course extremely enjoyable and interesting, well presented and well run. I felt it was very factual and the information was well researched. I enjoyed the yoga part immensely and found I personally benefitted from practicing yoga more regularly. There was a lot of valuable information given on the benefits of yoga for pregnancy and labour. There was a whole section on coping with labour where many different natural ways of coping were discussed and conventional medicalmethods were explored. There was an extra weekend giving information onaromatherapy, acupressure and homeopathy in pregnancy in labour which Ifound very illuminating. I feel I have personally benefitted from the course as well as expanding my scope of knowledge. I also feel I have gained a more holistic approach to pregnant and laboring women and theirpartners which will influence how I work with people in the future.”

Brenda Murphy, Midwife, Public Health Nurse, Mother of three, Dublin.

“Having looked for a pregnancy yoga teacher training course for many years, I really found what I’d been looking for. The course offers the mother empowerment through practical knowledge of all the areas of pregnancy and birth. As we all know, knowledge is power and a mother whotrusts her body knows what to do and is able to stay in control of her birth and her body. I really felt I was given adequate tools to feel safe teaching women at this special time in their lives and know that there is plenty of friendly back-up if I ever need it.”

Helena, Yoga Teacher, Cork

“I truly believe a change is coming… By doing the course you commence on a wonderful journey, opening your mind to what a different experience expecting mothers should have during their pregnancy and Birth. You come away with all the essential tools to empower women to regain their trust in themselves and their bodies. It should be a module for midwifery training! Both of you were a breath of fresh air and will be spoken highly of for evermore! thank you so much.”

Katie, Midwife, Holles st

“I enjoyed the course immensely. The content was excellent and comprehensive without being overwhelming. I loved the studios and felt that your experience in the whole field of pre-natal yoga was very helpful and interesting. I particularly loved hearing your doula stories. Both yourself and Melissa presented the information in a very relaxed knowledgeable and confident way.”

Jacquie, Yoga Teacher, Mother of 3

“I thought the course was excellent. As a mother of 3 kids,I know how important pregnancy and the birthing experience can be. The course content is extensive, yet practical and applicable. Lisa and Melissa are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced teachers and genuinely lovely people. I am completely confident in what I learnt on this course. I’m so happy I now have a wealth of such beneficial knowledge that I can pass on to other mums-to-be, to help empower them to believe in themselves and their bodies.”

Anne-Marie O’Halloran, Yoga Teacher, Mother of 3

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