Advanced Yoga for The Spine & Core

Advanced Yoga for The Spine & Core

Yoga Gives Back: Yoga & The Spine

Susan Church and Orla Crosse – 9th June 2018

Delve into the functional design of the spine and discover how it supports, stabilises and moves you. This is linked with sound medical information about nerves, discs, core, and fascia. Recognise what normal range of movement is for each area of the spine.

Learn about the consequences of mechanical spinal dysfunction with degeneration, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and nerve entrapment. Most importantly learn how to be mindful of these issues with your students.

Explore which poses strengthen, which flex. Safe forward and back bending – what is really happening with your student’s torso? Understand the fascial response to side bending and rotations. And begin to attend to all planes of movement in your yoga practice and classes for fascial hydration and balance.

Lastly create a bias towards extension exercises to balance the back, and explore class plans that go beyond sagittal plane movement by exploring interesting ways to transition into the transverse and coronal plane. Allow for new discoveries in your asana by attaining movement through your entire spine. Get to areas that you have not visited before and explore some myofascial release techniques to assist.

Getting Centred: The Core

Susan Church and Orla Crosse 10th June 2018

The words core and stability are everywhere. What does it really mean and why is it so very important for Yoga Asana practice and teaching?

In this module learn about the fascinating corset of muscles which make up the core. From multifidus out to obliques- up to serratus and of course the pelvic floor. Learn to identify, engage and most importantly teach the subtle nuance of core stability, as opposed to core rigidity.

Gain an understanding of correct breathing practices to enhance core stability and plenty of advanced asanas that are unlikely to be achieved without it.

Susan will give you a six-week progressive program to get your students aware of this very valuable component for advanced asana practice.

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About the author: Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

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