Subtle Body Anatomy & Yoga Energy Medicine with Veronica Larsson

Subtle Body Anatomy & Yoga Energy Medicine with Veronica Larsson
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Understanding and Working with Subtle Energy Pathways, Vibrational Transformation & Consciousness

Experiential learning and study of Subtle Body Anatomy in Yoga:

  • Chakra, Kosha, Vayu, Nadi: How they interrelate, how they affect everything in a person (body, mind, emotions, connection to spirit) and how to work with those systems to bring them into balance.
  • The Chakra system: Asana work, balancing and clearing work, meditations and work in consciousness.
  • Breathwork, Meditation and Energy clearing work
  • The 4 bodies; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual
  • Teaching from a level of energy/soul connection
  • How to read energy in others/postures
  • Teaching using a language that facilitates wholeness and harmony
  • Being the Change
  • Cultivating Listening, Becoming Sensitive, Trusting your awareness, and Improving observational /listening skills

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