I wanted to say thank you for that last year of the teacher training.
With all your great support you made this year of training very enjoyable and I didn’t regret once that I choose to travel up to Dublin from Cork for all those teaching weekends.

I think that the elbow room is a very special place with its welcoming and warm vibe and all those knowledgeable and genuinely friendly people that offer such a great and important service to the community and I’d wish I’d live closer to be able to join in much more often or even support you as a therapist or teacher.

A big thank you for all those great lessons from Susan and Melissa, with whom I really enjoyed studying. They are both so knowledgable and have a great ability to teach so many nitty gritty essentials in an easy to understand way and with so much passion and dedication. You can feel they love to share their experience and knowledge and it was simply fun with them while studying and no work at all.
They also would encourage you to grow and work with you as an individual and I think they complemented each other perfectly: Melissa with her clear and organised teaching style working through topic after topic which really helped to get a good understanding and overview in the overflowing first weeks, and Susan with her encouragement on us using our brains and transferring knowledge so we are able to become responsible teachers that can adapt, adjust and keep our students healthy & happy.

Also, and especially from my view as a physiotherapist, I really liked the focus on healthy alignment and safety and that things got broken down to the necessary basics. It allowed us to create a good foundation and understanding as a teacher before starting to add more “extras”, and from that base it will be much easier to build up and create an individual but healthy way of teaching.

Ciaran and Kevin’s anatomy lessons also were always great as full of handy knowledge for daily use and difficult themes got broken down in such a clear way and taught in such a funny way that everybody could understand it.

Another big thank you to you, Moya, for all your organising, support and always friendly smiling face. Having had such a great contact person made things so much easier.

All in all you are such a great team from the ladies in the cafe that made break always lovely with their smile and delicious food or all the other guys at reception that would always welcome you so friendly in the morning, knowing your name and making some grey rainy morning start much nicer.

I would be happy if you could forward the compliments to give a little bit back, and let people know they are doing a great job and that their dedication is very much appreciated!

Hope to be up there soon again!

Johanna June 2016

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.