Yoga for Children with Additional Needs

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Yoga for Children with Additional Needs

Therapeutic Yoga for Children Training is a comprehensive modular course run over three weekends. The course is open to those who have qualified from an accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course. It is also open to parents looking to help their own children with the skills and techniques that they learn and develop on the course.

Delivered by our experienced Yoga for Children with Additional Needs practitioners and Occupational Therapists, this 6 day course will teach you how to plan specific sequences to benefit children with a range of difficulties using both occupational and yoga therapy.

During the sessions you will get to enjoy practical yoga sessions for each diagnosis, learn specific techniques to build your therapeutic toolkit and view films of therapy sessions.


Fay Rose Ali

As a mother of additional needs child and as a yoga teacher I had to say I was so lucky to attend therapeutic yoga which was run by Lisa and Innas! Being a mother of an autistic son is not easy as we learn a lot on daily basis and when I first came to the elbowroom I thought I knew everything. But I was wrong! The course was so rich and intensive and well designed that it helped me learn so much more.

The practical part was amazing with Lisa. All the people who attended the course had a great time sharing and were so friendly and were all there for the same reason… to gain more knowledge!

I’m now teaching therapeutic yoga and every class I teach I feel proud of what I’m contributing. Thanks to all and Namaste.

Maxine Bonus

I thought the course was comprehensive and very informative in the key areas necessary. It enabled me to see some of the challenges facing children with additional needs and how beneficial yoga can be for them, particularly from a therapeutic approach.

From the course I gained the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver individually tailored yoga classes designed to meet the specific needs of the various conditions covered in the course.

The course has changed me by helping me develop and further educate myself in an area in which I am passionate about. From the experience of undertaking the case studies attached to the certification of the course it has confirmed to me that this is the direction in which I wish to continue. To give respite, benefit and have fun with these extra special children has been such a rewarding experience and is something I sincerely hope will continue for a long time to come.

Patricia Hunt

I thought the course was packed full of insights and information that were useful as a yoga teacher and as a parent of a child with DCD.

I was given the opportunity to learn from everybody who participated and i was grateful for the vast array of skills and experience in the room. Ines and Lisa were inspiring, enthusiastic and extremely generous with their time and knowledge.

The course changed my way of looking at how our children are taught in school and to the idea that classroom learning and our current exam structure is limiting. It simply does not suit all children. It is widely recognised that movement creates a healthy body and a healthy mind and yet we are expecting our children to sit still and learn. I am delighted to see so many schools are embracing the idea of outdoor learning, outdoor classrooms and in some cases chairless classrooms – the classroom revolution has begun!

Specific sessions include therapeutic yoga for children with a diagnosis: Comprehensive needs of children with the following diagnosis will be covered: Sensory integration difficulties ... read more

The course is delivered by our experienced Therapeutic Yoga practitioners and Occupational... read more

2018 dates  The course is run over three weekends. The day runs from 10:00 until 17:30 Weekend 1 - 30th Sept & 1st Oct 2017 Weekend 2 - 4th Nov & 5th Nov 2017 Weekend 3 - 2nd Dec... read more

This course is open to those who have qualified from an accredited Children's Yoga Teacher Training course. It is also open to parents looking to help their own children within the home with the... read more

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