Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Traditional Chinese Meridian Module (50hr) with Josh Summers

The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Traditional Chinese Meridian Module is a comprehensive training in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its application to the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. This module is open to serious students and teachers of Yin Yoga who are interested in integrating the profound energetic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into their practice and teaching of Yin Yoga.

The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Traditional Chinese Meridian Module will include:

  • Historical overview of Chinese Medicine’s philosophical origins.
  • Yin and Yang Theory.
  • Five Element Theory and Seasonal Balance.
  • Understand the Vital Substances of Chinese Medicine: Qi, Essence, Blood, and Fluids.
  • Dynamics of Qi, theory and practice.
  • Functions of the Internal Organs, with both Chinese and Western analysis.
  • Learn to locate the essential Meridians of Yin Yoga practice, as well as identify and palpate the power acupuncture points on these channels.
  • Learn the interrelationships of the Yin Organs as they relate to the production, circulation and storage of Qi, Blood, and Essence.
  • Understand the Causes of Disease in Chinese Medicine and how to Identify Patterns of Disharmony According to the Eight Principles.
  • Practice sequences and pranayama to harmonize Qi and Blood circulation
  • Develop ways to speak about this curriculum in theory and practice.
  • Learn to design sophisticated sequences based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory beyond simply pairing Yin and Yang Meridians in your sequencing.

Students will receive a certificate of training which is eligible for Continuing Education Credit (50hrs) with the Yoga Alliance. This Traditional Chinese Meridian Module is a core module of the Summers School of Yin Yoga 200-hour and 300-hour certification program.

Here’s How The Program Works

1. Register

You will receive:

  • 90-day free access to the online preparatory course (see below)
  • A 4-day live intensive training module
  • In-depth teaching manual


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2. Prepare

One of the unique features of the Summers School of Yin Yoga is that each of the core Training Modules has an online course component. The online course will prepare you to arrive at the live training with a solid foundation of the theory and practice covered in each module, allowing us to start at a higher level in our time together in the intensive.

Upon registration, you’ll get free 90-day access to the online course (€125 value).

Please Note

  • Online course for this module will be available in April 2018.
  • You will need to complete the online course, including a short essay, before attending the live teacher training module. Estimated time to complete the online course: 5-7 hrs.
  • You will receive an exclusive access code to the online course via email after signing up (please allow up to a week for processing).

Cancelation Policy

  1. 20% of the training fee is a non-refundable deposit.

  2. If you cancel more than 30 days in advance of the training’s first calendar date, you will receive a refund of 80% of your fee.

  3. If you cancel less than 30 days from the training’s first calendar date, you will receive 80% of your fee back so long as you or the studio finds a replacement for your place on the course.

Emergency cancels: If you must cancel with less than 30 days – due to an emergency – from the training’s first calendar date and are unable to find a replacement, you may receive 80% of your fee as credit to the same workshop with Josh wherever he teaches, space permitting. Please note: emergency cancellations are handled on a case by case basis, and may require documentation for verification (ie. doctor’s note, etc.)

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