Deidre Madden – Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Expert

Deirdre is delighted to be able to offer classes in infant massage. Deirdre has extensive experience in the field of perinatal and infant mental health and is considered an expert in this area. Holding space for women and babies for over a decade in a maternity mental health service, infant massage is just one evidence based approach that Deirdre has in her repertoire.  Valuing the importance of facilitating parents to notice and interact with their baby from the beginning, Deirdre believes infant massage can promote a positive social, emotional and physical relationship between you and your baby, including the tears, messiness and uncertainty of becoming a parent.

Babies are born hard wired to be social, from birth they recognise smells and voices, but did you know that babies prefer looking at faces over objects, and that they can mimic faces shortly after being born? Deirdre recognises and understands how overwhelming it can be becoming a parent, especially with the endless amount of information that you can be bombarded with. 

If you would like to take time to be, to pause with your baby and be supported in the process of enhancing this relationship through the many benefits of infant massage. Please contact The elbowroom to book a space in the upcoming infant massage course.


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