Melissa Curtis

Posted by Hilmon on 3rd April 2013

Melissa has been teaching women yoga for over 15 years and is a Mother to 3 children.  Having started yoga in her 20’s in San Francisco, Melissa’s yoga journey has been fairly colourful. She is a fully trained Bikram, Hatha, Yin, Pre & Postnatal Yoga teacher, Kids yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Infant Massage Instructor and Cuidiu breastfeeding counsellor.
Melissa is very passionate about birth which led her to start facilitating birth preparation classes, complete a doula and postnatal doula training and a Well Woman/Womb Yoga training with the well-known women’s health advocate, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Melissa’s passion for women’s health is obvious regardless of what style of yoga she is teaching due to her nurturing approach and being able to respond to the needs of women’s health issues.  Whether in or out of the yoga room and knowing well how challenging life can be, Melissa loves to empower and support women from all walks of life.

Melissa has been teaching yoga since 2002, having started practicing in her 20’s in San Francisco. Her yoga journey started out as a Bikram Yoga Teacher and she is now a fully trained Hatha, Yin, Pre&Postnatal, Pilates, Kids Yoga teacher, is a 500hr qualified yoga teacher and is currently taking a second 300hr training with world-renowned Amy Ippoliti.

Melissa has always loved working with children, now has 3 children herself and after the birth of her 2nd child, she went on to become a qualified Kids Yoga Teacher in 2010 and then took another training in early 2014 before taking over the Kids Yoga Teacher Training at The elbowroom. Her experience from teaching through training brings us the highest of standards of quality teaching which is always confirmed by every trainee that trains with us. Melissa has been teaching on various trainings since 2007 and is passionate about empowering anyone that wants to embark on a new adventure of teaching kids whether they have teaching experience or not. This course is for absolutely anyone that loves yoga and wants to teach its benefits to children. Lots of fun guaranteed too!

Melissa’s knowledge, experience, gifted way of training and dedication to maintaining the excellent standard of manuals given means everyone will be ready to teach from the moment they finish this course.

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