Nina Healy

Hi, my name is Nina Healy and I am a hatha yoga teacher. I am also qualified to teach pregnancy and mum and baby yoga.

I started practising yoga in 2003. Initially I fell in love with yoga for the strength and flexibility that yoga brings. My reason for starting was therefore fitness. I dipped in and out of yoga for a number of years, however, it was in 2010 after a trip to my physio with pain in my hip flexors that I went back to yoga, realising that my stiff, tight hips might benefit from yoga. I found a teacher whose style I liked and I was hooked. Over the years, my reasons for doing yoga has evolved. It has supported me through pregnancy and helps keep me sane with two small children in tow. Whilst I love the physical side of the practise, it is the total feel good factor that keeps me practising. The ability that yoga has to improve my mood, make me feel happy and feel a little more relaxed.

I truly believe that yoga should be for all, keeping our bodies moving and our minds calm is vital to our long term health and happiness and for me, yoga is the perfect way to achieve both.

I teach vinyasa flow, prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga in the elbowroom and also run weekly classes in Lucan.

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