Sandra Lulei

Posted by Hilmon on 16th February 2017

Sandra is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher and recently trained as a Shakti Dance Teacher. Yoga has
been an integral part of her life for more than the past decade. She has explored many different
styles of Yoga and felt particular drawn to Kundalini Yoga. It had a profound effect on Sandra’s life
and has helped her to live more joyfully, embrace acceptance and the challenges of life. Sandra also
works as an art teacher in adult education. She has worked with people of different ages and
backgrounds both as social worker, teacher and workshop coordinator. She likes to inspire and be
inspired by other people and share what she loves doing. She had the opportunity to be taught by
great teachers. Sandra carries the creative spark on to her students and delivers a heartfelt
experience of Kundalini Yoga.

Class description:
Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga and it is called the Yoga of awareness. It works powerfully
on the increased flow of energy to bring balance to body, mind and spirit. Kundalini Yoga fosters
transformation, and focuses on the experience of the infinite and higher consciousness to awaken
personal growth and healing. The structure of a class consists of breathing exercises, warm up, kriya
(a sequence of different postures in combination with breath, movement and sound current),
relaxation and meditation. The diversity of kriyas allows one to target very specific benefits, work
different aspects of oneself and invites the practitioner to have a multitude of different experiences.
Sometimes the practice may be more strenuous and physically challenging, while at other times it
may bring one into a more still, meditative experience. The exercises in the kriya bring body and
mind to a state where meditation can be more easily achieved.

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