Susie Murray

Posted by Hilmon on 1st April 2014

Susie’s interest in movement began with dance. In 1999 when a knee injury halted her training she turned to a movement practice that was rumoured to support her body. In fact it provided a lot more than physical support. The transition from mild interest to a fully fledged yoga practitioner occurred over a few years and by 2007 she had made the decision to begin her studies in obtaining a yoga teacher certification. The Elbowroom seemed like an obvious choice when choosing a school with an excellent reputation for it’s high standards in training and from there she continued her studies in Hatha Yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik India.
Since that initial step into teacher training Susie has qualified as a Pilates and Barre teacher through the Stott method in Complete Body Movement with Dani Gonzalez Ares and Joseph McCarthy, and once again returned to The Elbowroom to study with Susan Church to obtain the 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training qualification. Her classes are all about the breath and she fully believes that the breath is the key to connecting to the wholeness of who you truly are and letting go of what might be holding you back. Her style of practice has been deeply influenced by her background in dance which lends itself to the smooth choreography of her classes and having attended an eclectic array of workshops with internationally acclaimed instructors her practice is diverse and rich in dynamic flow. Alignment and balanced energy are consistent points of focus in all of her classes to inspire strength, agility, adaptability and flexibility in the body and the mind.

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