Veronica Larsson

Posted by Hilmon on 15th October 2020

With over 20 years and 2000+ hrs of training and teaching yoga, meditation and energy healing, Veronica has the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500hrs certification, and also trained in other modalities along the way including Journey Work Practitioner (Brandon Bays cellular/emotional healing process work); Awaken your Light-body, Teacher;  Raw Food Chef and Fasting / Detoxing Nutrition. In 2016 she also created and opened an organic award-winning restaurant in Ojai, CA.  

Veronica’s work is founded on 25 years of direct experience using body-mind and spiritual practices to heal and grow from issues of scoliosis, gut-health, migraines, and layers of family trauma.

“My only interest with this work is truth. You cannot have body-mind-soul health without truth. Truth is Love. It cuts through everything that is not contributing to the expression and experience of Vital Health in our Biology. We work with the body because the functioning of the body doesn’t lie. It’s wired and operated by Divine Intelligence and Natural Law. It is our direct doorway to the Divine. We work with the mind, because it’s our choice point of creation, and we do have the power to affect, if not control, our human experience. The spiritual path may not always be easy; but knowing who you are, and having the resources to deal with challenging life situations, makes it essential.”

“I attended workshops and training with Veronica Larsson over the last few years. The depth and breadth of Veronica’s knowledge and understanding of yoga, the physical body, the human psyche and subtle / energy body, and how they are all interconnected, is astounding. Attending her workshops completely changed my understanding of yoga. I adapted my own teaching style completely to bring the focus to the Subtle Body and my students loved it. But on a personal level, so much changed for me. I was chronically ill when I started attending Veronica’s workshops and I have no doubt that the work I underwent with her guidance and support was instrumental in my full recovery.  She has an incredible capacity to hold space with pure compassion, without judgement, with love, facilitating the participants’ growth, learning and healing. It has been a truly magnificent, cleansing and transformative experience every step of the way and I cannot recommend working with Veronica highly enough.”     – Shelagh Sutton

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