How Vinyasa Yoga Creates Stillness In The Mind


Vinyasa yoga is best known by its dynamic nature. It works through a flowing sequence in accordance with each breath. So, how then, can such a fast-paced class actually bring stillness to the mind?

1. Quietens the Inner Critic

It takes a few minutes to really get into ‘the flow’ of a Vinyasa class. At first, your joints are stiff, you don’t know what’s coming next in the sequence and you may be carrying stresses from your day at work or home. This is the prime time for mental chatter and inner critique to arise. Comparisons to others in class can show up, but as you continually progress through the sequence and more classes, you will notice that everybody is just trying their best – including yourself. You will learn that it is called a ‘practice’ and not a ‘perfect’ for a reason.

2. Teaches you to release old emotions

As uncomfortable emotions arise, this gives you an opportunity to reflect and heal from them. So often, we are caught up in our negative thinking that we don’t know where the thoughts end and we begin. Yoga provides the gift of noticing where these feelings come up inside you and encourages you to let them go. As you progress in your practice, you will become more aware of your emotions and feelings, and how to handle them off the mat.

3. Connects you to your breath

Moving through a sequence means tuning into your breath. As your breath is linked to your nervous system, heart rate and blood pressure, you are able to calm all of the systems which are responsible for lessening symptoms of anxiety. By paying more attention to your breath during a class, you will habitually begin to bring awareness to your breath out of class too.

4. Allows you to accept whatever happens in the outside world

Vinyasa is a dynamic practice which encompasses remaining composed in a busy surrounding. Changing postures, the sound of the teachers’ voice plus a variety of bodies huffing and puffing through a sweaty sequence can surely cause distraction. If you can master the art of remaining centred through a Vinyasa yoga class, you will master the art of remaining centred throughout your life. People come and go, seasons change and things don’t always go to plan. Yoga allows you to become an anchor in rough waters.

To really immerse yourself in a Vinyasa practice, it is best practiced continually over a number of months. Our Foundation Vinyasa 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. To learn more, please email

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