New Moon in Aquarius with Martha Ryan

As we enter the first week of February and the beginning of Spring, we are met once again with a powerful new moon on Monday 4th – this time in the sign of brave and imaginative Aquarius.

You may be feeling a little more hopeful now that January, and the darkness of Winter, has finally come to an end. ‘New year, New you’ was a nice concept but now it’s time to take the pressure off yourself to change and focus more on your evolution – as an individual, an activist and a friend. What cause have you been following from the sidelines but hadn’t dared to join the crowd?

Aquarius is all about provoking great change among the masses. Despite Libra and Gemini being fellow air signs that represent partnerships, Aquarius is unique as it represents large groups. So if you’re thinking about getting friends together, be it for a social gathering or a cause like a charity event, now is the time!

Not only is Aquarius all about looking forward to the future and making the necessary changes to get you there, this moon is supercharged as Aquarius is ruled by Uranus – the planet of awakening.

So how will this moon affect your life? Well, Aquarius can fall anywhere in your birth chart triggering your love-life to your career, however, despite your individual astrological makeup, Aquarius carries undeniable qualities that are applicable to all… Inventive, eccentric and visionary, Aquarius believes in creating radical change all in a bid for a better world. Think Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey – these are all Aquarians that harnessed this innate power to live their fullest potential.

Have you noticed the strikes and protests usually kick off around now? That’s Aquarius for you.

So, how to make the most of this new moon? Know that you are supported! Step outside the box and do what it takes to create a better life – for your friends, your community, your planet. This new moon encourages you to plant those seeds and not just walk the talk of your vision, but run with it. Expect to hear colleagues talk about ‘a grand stretch in the evenings’ as you know that however dark things may have been, there is always something to look forward to, there is always a future and there is always brightness ahead.

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