New Moon In Capricorn with Martha Ryan

Each month we are affected by a different kind of lunar energy beyond the waning and waxing between darkness into light. The full moon is a time of manifestation, fruition and forgiveness however that can only happen once intentions have been set under the influence of the New Moon – this is where the real magic happens…

Things have been intense lately with the playful, childlike energy that Sagittarius season brings and we may feel as though our bodies and minds could use a break from all the madness! Well, as of January 5th, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we are saved by the grounded, down to earth vibe that the New Moon in Capricorn will bring. Known as the hard worker of the zodiac, Capricorn beams efficiency, structure & ‘getting things done’.

As Capricorn is an earth sign, this is the perfect time not only to dream big but to get practical & realistic about your plans. This moon gifts you with the stability and determination to see your projects through, so use this energy wisely, it only lasts 4 weeks!

Ambitious and patient, Capricorn is represented by the goat – who climbs the mountain slowly but steadily, knowing that it takes perseverance to get to the top. The hard work you do now will be paid off with recognition & reward. With that in mind, remember that feeling useful does not equal seeking the approval of others but rather self-acceptance at this stage of your journey. Be kind to yourself and remember that we can only ever go one step at a time.

As Capricorn rules all things ligaments & bones, it’s ultra important to look after your knees and other joints this month – which is good timing for the ‘Yoga for Runners’ workshop we’re holding on the 18th with the motive to loosen up those limbs to keep you stable along your path.

Capricorn is all about new beginnings, so it’s no surprise that January is a time to set resolutions for the year ahead. Can you see now how this special energy influences us and our man-made calendars as we pass through each season? Beyond these words, each moon phase affects everybody differently, though this will certainly give you a piece of the puzzle. Wherever this cardinal sign lies in your chart, I think we can agree that after the past 4 weeks of Sagittarian silliness, we could all use some steadying Capricorn energy in our lives.

Take this month to know that there is an abundance of second, third and fourth chances at your disposal. Trust yourself and believe that whatever didn’t work out in 2018 was ultimately for the better. So if you are feeling stuck, confused or lost, know that you are supported by the moon and the skies are always on your side…

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