Reconnect Body & Mind through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a gentle way of being present and seeing clearly what is happening in your life. Being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it. Have you ever gone for a walk and realised at the end of it you were so completely consumed with your thoughts you never took in your surroundings, felt the wind on your cheek, smelled a scent on the breeze or acknowledged your limbs working to propel you forward?

How do you practice mindfulness?

Most mindfulness techniques start with the breath.  They talk about awareness of the breath. When you are starting out it can be helpful to count the in and the out breath, or just repeat to yourself I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out. When your thoughts wander, (which they will) notice your thoughts but come back to awareness of your breath & your surroundings and what you are actually doing. When you are emotional, notice the emotion acknowledge it and come back to the awareness of what you are doing.  Try this simple 5 minute routine.

Why practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness improves well being making it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, helping you become fully engaged in activities. By focusing on the here and now, many people who practice mindfulness find that they are less likely to worry about the future or have regrets over the past and are better able to form deep connections with others.

What are the health benefits?

Mindfulness techniques help improve physical health in a number of ways including stress relief, lower blood pressure, reduction of chronic pain and improves sleep. Studies show that it can also relieve problems, including: depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, couples’ conflicts and anxiety disorders.

If you need help deciding which workshop or class is right for you please email with your enquiry we’ll be happy to guide you to a practice that suits you.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to find a yoga practice that suits you will allow you to re-connect body & mind.  Join us for our upcoming Breath is The King of The Mind: Pranayama workshop with Marianne Jacuzzi, focus on breathing through a moving meditation in Grow Your Flow with Susie Murray, learn the basics at our Beginners Yoga Course or experience the cultivation of life-force energy through our upcoming 6 week Qi Gong Course with Gregg Hartnett.

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