The Yoga Fairy or the Karma Queen?

The yoga fairy is wonderful, she grants you lots of small things like a smiling yoga teacher, a warm place to practice yoga. Sometimes she bestows upon you that elusive yoga pose that you’ve been breaking your asana to get into for weeks.  She probably fills the water jugs and folds the blankets too. The other ‘Wan’, the cosmic equaliser is the voice inside your head that keeps on nudging you when you’ve forgotten to do something like put the trash out, pick the kids up or cancel that class you booked earlier in the week.

Other divine entities in yoga studios who also fold blankets, stock toilet roll and greet you with a smile is the studio manager and reception staff. As luck would have it they are often yogis too and as part of their training they will have learned a sacred yoga mantra that goes. Jnana, Aparigraha, Ahimsa. To the lay person these words translate into: I will think good thoughts. I will not become attached. I will not be driven to harmful acts.

To keep the smiles plentiful and to maintain the harmonic balance between the yoga fairy and the Karma Queen, here are 6 things that would make yoga studio life even more delightful.

On A Practical Level.

  1.  Use the App for signing in and for cancelling.

If you are unable to make it please… pretty please, cancel your class.  We love that you are organised and that you book your classes in advance. The other side of that, is that when your day runs away with you and you don’t cancel your spot, there is a stressed out other yogi who is unable to sign in on the mindbody app.

  1. Things that buzz, beep or vibrate.

As obvious as this sounds, turn them off. Better still, leave them behind. This also applies to jingly, jangly jewellery. This is one blessed hour for you to spend in peace and quiet. Take the opportunity. Don’t be the one who makes the floor vibrate for all of the wrong reasons.

  1. Windbreakers.

Yoga is amazing for unblocking energy and moving ‘stuff’ around but seriously lads, while it’s common enough that an occasional ‘pheep’ escapes during class, we implore you to consider other yogis. So if you are working on the carb loading phase of your diet do everyone a favour, stand at the back of the class.

On A Philosophical Note.

  1. Jnana – Be conscious of your thoughts and actions.

For they will send a ripple through the universe. Enter your practice with a good heart and a clear head. Take the first couple of minutes of your class to land. Acknowledge your day and let it dissolve away from your mind. You are important. Set yourself free.

  1. Ahimsa – Non violence.

Practise this in all walks of life but we urge you to also practise it on your mat. Before you progress into a deeper posture check in with yourself. Is your breath supporting you? Be present, move into postures consciously with kindness and compassion for yourself.  A tweaked hamstring is not a pleasant reminder of your yoga practice.

  1. Aparigraha – Non attachment.

We know that you have your favourite space in the class. It’s just the right spot. It’s the right temperature. You like the vantage point. You can see what you need to see, hear what you need to hear.  You arrive on time looking forward to putting your mat down and someone beat you to it.  Let it go… In fact when you realise that you have a preferred class position, step away. Acknowledge the comfort it gave you for a while and find another spot. From small actions great beings will grow.

See you on the mat and remember, even though some days things may seem to stack against you. In a small corner of Stoneybatter everyone at The elbowroom is on your side.

Love from the Karma Queen, The Yoga Fairy and The elbowroom team

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