The Elbowroom Welcome Dinner

Nothing brings people together more than gathering around the dinner table for a meal.

But what if you were on your own in a foreign country?
Sometimes It’s difficult to meet people or make new friends.

That’s why the we have come up with Elbowroom Welcome Dinners.

What is a Welcome Dinner?

Welcome Dinners are a way of people from all walks of life to get together as a once off Welcome dinner 2or every month.
A typical Welcome Dinner would Usually be 4-8 Irish people and 4-8 newly arrived people.
The Irish hosts/hostesses would take it in turns to have a welcome dinner in their own

Nothing fancy, just a simple meal for a group of people

to enjoy in a comfortable environment.

If you enjoyed your guests, you can have the same group at the next welcome dinner or you can have a completely new group every month, its completely up to you.

It is a wonderful gift to share your home with someone and it can really make someone welcome dinner 3feel welcomed.
As the writer Khalil Gibran said
“If it were not for guests all houses would be graves”


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