Yoga in Dublin

‘Life’s better with yoga’

The elbowroom has some of the most experienced teachers of Yoga in Dublin. Learn your asana from your elbow with our team of yogis who will nurture your health and happiness. We have a wide range of yoga classes available for everyone regardless of age and experience and there are many styles of yoga to suit different people. For more information see our full range of yoga classes.

Vinyasa Fundamentals

Vinyasa Fundamentals

break down individual poses, correcting alignment, where the body should be working and also where it should be releasing in this fundamentals course with Rohan Hennessy, Thursday 5th – 26th September

Welcome to The elbowroom

The elbowroom has an extensive range of classes for all ages and abilities. We offer such an eclectic mix to enable you to find something that will suit you. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction.