6 Steps to Starting a Self Practice

Self-practice is one of the best ways an aspiring yogi can come into tune with the body and the mind.

In fact, a self-practice with awareness can be the best teacher we ever have. In contrast to a drop in class, our self-practice offers us the opportunity to really observe our practice, in our body; noticing areas of tightness and weakness, and of strength and openness, in our asana; noticing poses where we feel ease and comfort, or where we feel we are working too hard, and in our mind; where it begins to wander, and where we can let go.

Knowing how tough it can be we’ve put together 6 helpful tips to get you started

1. Just sit on your mat. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything. Sitting there for at least 5 minutes is a great start.

2. Practice Satya (truthfulness) in your practice. Take the time to notice how the body really feels and tailor your practice accordingly. Don’t force yourself through 108 Sun Salutations when what you really need is a little Yin.

3. Practice mostly what you like to do and leave the challenging stuff out when you start. Being kind to yourself will motivate you to practice again.

4. Start a self practice with a group and a teacher assisting. The energy and collective dynamic is inspirational, not to mention the new Asana and Yogi friends you’ll meet on the mat. Having a teacher in the room is one of the best ways to develop your practice as they will observe areas of strength and weakness in your practice and will be able to guide you in your development towards any goals you may have. Keep your eye out for some self-practice classes we may be offering soon.

5. Tailor your practice to your energy levels. Start slow if you are tired and use restorative poses until you build energy towards more active postures.

6. Don’t skip the relaxation. All that great work is integrated when you give yourself time to completely let go. It feeds directly into your blissometer, and turns your home into a Zen Palace. You will genuinely notice the positive vibrations practising yoga in the same space every day has. Just look at The elbowroom!

My Strength in Your Practice 4 week course starts Friday 17th June 18:15. This course is designed to facilitate you in strengthening and building your individual yoga practice. I can’t wait to see you there!


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