6 Weeks Mixed Ability Barre Course with Susie Murray

6 Weeks Mixed Ability Barre Course with Susie Murray
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Barre is a fitness class based on the technique and style of a traditional ballet class. The great thing about Barre is you do not need to be a dancer to attend this course (no tap shoes or pointe work required).

This practice is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga that will leave you with improved posture, muscle definition, increased flexibility and reduced stress. The course is a dynamic and invigorating workout.

Warm Up

Starting with a warm-up we begin to wake up the core of the body and encourage the breath and body to move in harmony and strengthen the neuro-muscular (mind-body) connection.

Upper Body

From there is an upper body exercise section (think weights and planks) and then using the ballet barre to focus on thigh and seat muscles.

Strength & Endurance

During this section, we focus on creating definite small isometric contractions to isolate specific muscles and maintain strength endurance. It is here you may experience the shake or jelly legs, this regularly occurs during our Barre section due to spending an extended time in a muscle contraction while performing an isometric hold. This is your muscle telling you it’s tired but don’t worry this is a good thing when practised correctly so try to stick with it. What we are also taking into account for this class is functional movement so we include full range squats and cardio.

Warm Down & Rejuvenation

Then our cool down will bring us through a deep flow style movement sequence to stretch and elongate the body. We balance out all our hard work by surrendering deep into this flow to let go. This class is developed to make you feel rejuvenated and fantastic in your body and we are so excited to meet you at the barre.

About the author: Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa opened The elbowroom in February 2003. Mother to Tuilelaith and Sean, director of The elbowroom and with a crew of over 60 staff, she is a busy bee. Lisa leads a team committed to bringing health and vitality to all of her clients. Lisa currently teaches in our yoga training programs and oversees pregnancy yoga and mum & baby yoga. Lisa works hard developing healthy food choices for Yin & Tonic @ The elbowroom. She specialises paediatric and pregnancy with workshops, yoga therapy, and craniosacral therapy.

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