Bank Holiday Blitz – 5 Yoga Masterclasses With James Higgins

James’ yoga style interweaves moments of rest into his sequences so students can observe areas of vulnerability and integrate them into the body. “The body has all these independent parts—the forearms, the upper arms, the shoulders. And they all make up the whole,” says Higgins. “Focus on finding connections through these segments, and you will build strength through integration.”

Join James for 5 special workshops over this May bank holiday weekend.

Workshops can be taken individually or you can build them into a series which will suit those who wish to make some deeper shifts in their life force and overall understanding of healing.

Morning Classes will focus on standing poses, light back bending, arm balances, and refining overall strength and technique. Afternoon Classes will focus on seated forward bends, hips, twists, and inversions. Monday will be a mix of everything. All classes will have yoga nidra and pranayama practices and will build on the spiritual theme of the class title.

Classes will encourage participants to delve into their personal spiritual evolution, gain strength through their physical work, provide emotional healing through mindful awareness practices, and develop sensitivity to attune their overall energy system toward greater well being. All of this experience will be supported as a doorway to love and kindness meditations for further development and maturity as practitioners in the classroom.

James Higgins

James Higgins is a leading instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area where he was The Teachers Director for Yoga Works in 2009. Interweaving his long-term dedicated studies of Vinyasa Yoga with his Vipassana meditation experience, James offers a unique, appealing, and challenging Hatha Vinyasa practice. With a strong emphasis on the integration of physical, mental and emotional wellness, each class holds the intention for peaceful healing, personal evolution, and a deeper understanding of the heart. Using Buddhist wisdom, spiritual insight, personal develpment and conscious leadership he composes a journey that enables his students to experience the very best of themselves in body, mind and spirit. James leads retreats, and teaches in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia. He’s been a presenter at Kripalu and at The Yoga Journal Conferences in America.


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