Blindfold Yoga Workshop – Look Within & Listen

Blindfold Yoga Workshop: Look within and Listen.

As vision is such a powerful sense, inhibiting it supports better focus, and it is a powerful way to tune inwards and relax into your body.

Join Siobhán Carroll in this guided integrative workshop to help your practice to grow into moving mindfulness meditation, whilst building your balance and strength.

Here are just some of the benefits:
  • Wonderful for building strength, especially for anyone with hypermobile joints. Being blindfolded really lets us really tap into our strength and not extend too far.
  • Improve balance! Without our eyes, we need to engage muscles we might otherwise forget to use to build our balance.
  • Fully blocking the light lets the muscles in our eyes relax while we get more comfortable moving our bodies in the safe space of our mat.
  • For anyone who is disassociated from their bodies, (so many people nowadays!), it allows us to focus inwards, and to train our sense of proprioception and interoception (where our bodies are in space and what sensations we feel within in the body).

Take this special time to practice yoga, without worrying what something looks like. We are more likely to protect ourselves when we can listen to our bodies.

This 2-hour workshop costs €29 (10% discount for members)

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