A Bridge Too Far With Bev Porrino

A Bridge Too Far With Bev Porrino
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This interactive mixed ability workshop with Bev will take a look at why some students find backbends challenging.

With the use of foam rollers, balls, our own hands and yoga postures, we will lubricate and release the connective tissues so that we can move from gentle backbends to deeper postures with ease and with strength.

We’ll take a brief look at anatomical differences in a generic group so that we can focus on correct alignment and modifications for your body.

The class begins with simple movements and pranayama to mobilise and oxygenate the postural muscles, moving into gentle asana to promote shoulder, heart and hip openings. Supported backbends will progress into stronger poses for those who wish to keep going.

These days, most movement practitioners are pretty clued up on the role of the connective tissue (fascia) and how it can restrict movements when it thickens. It does this to protect and stabilise us, the downside is:

  • Our muscles become stuck to the layers of fascia
  • Reduced range of movement
  • Defensive and compensation patterns
  • By warming our bodies properly and increasing our range of movement we can learn how to release these the layers
  • So come with an intention to learn and a light and open heart and your best and stretchiest yoga apparel
  • There will be some partner work and most definitely fun in this workshop

Be strong, stretched and activated. 

About the author: Bev Porrino

Bev Porrino

My early career involved strutting the halls of numerous institutes, initially as a nurse then in Social work and while I have no plans to step back into those arenas I am grateful that I experienced the world through a wider lens because of them. In 1999 I moved to Amsterdam where I designed and delivered in-house education for a chain of gyms. I wrote a couple of books, numerous articles for Men’s Health and other magazines. I learned the craft of script writing and eventually went on to open Amstel Yoga Lounge, a boutique-style studio specialising in yoga and food workshops. In 2012 I relocated to Dublin and found The elbowroom. They let me make soup and gave me some classes and a place to hang out. I'm a teacher of yoga and pilates. I’m a writer and a Be Activated - Neuromuscular practitioner and I am smitten with the gritty city of Dublin and it’s eloquent and friendly inhabitants.

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