Build Strength with Yoga Workshop

Build Strength with Yoga Workshop
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Let’s face it, in most public classes we tend to shy away from the things we’re not so good at. Incorporating postures that require a strong core and upper body can seem daunting and even a bit risky. After all, standing on your head is not something one does every day, well not yet anyway! 
In this mixed ability 2-hour strength workshop, I’ll give you a series of vinyasa sequences designed to safely build core and upper body strength. These building blocks will help you to approach inversions and arm balances with greater confidence, enriching and balancing your overall practice.
If you’re new to yoga or upper body flows, take the leap and try something new, you might just find that you’re good at it.

About the author: Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle

By age 25, I was overweight, anxious and pretty much lost in life. I was the least athletic boy in school, partied heavily (but happily!) in my 20’s and lived for the weekends. One evening, my Dad sat me down for a family intervention and I knew something had to change. Luckily for me, it was at this time that a good friend encouraged me to train for a triathlon (which I thought was some sort of chocolate bar) and that began my journey into health, fitness and wellbeing. In the last 10 years, I’ve left the corporate world, trained as a yoga teacher (250-hour RYT), a Pilates instructor (Mat PTTI), a Personal Trainer and a group fitness instructor with the European Qualification Framework (EQF Level 4) – the highest fitness instructor standard in Europe. In my classes, I love to share my experience of yoga, Pilates and strength training in a way that is accessible and fun for everyone of all fitness levels.

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