Candlelight Flow Yoga with Mary Williams

Candlelight Flow Yoga with Mary Williams

Take time to enjoy candlelight flow yoga in the peaceful ambience of warm light and a fabulous soundtrack.

Candlelight flow is a mellow flow class practised by candlelight for an even more, relaxing experience.

The slow gentle flow of postures will enable you to create a fit, healthy, strong, more flexible body – at your own pace. Tune into the natural rhythm and notice how with fewer effort things unfold in their own sweet time.

Candlelight is calming and soothing, it deepens the experience of relaxation. Remove the artificial lights and, encourage the body to go into parasympathetic mode – the rest and digest gear of the nervous system – which signals to the body it’s time to clock off.

Be seduced by the warm, cosy, safe environment created by the light.

About the author: Mary Williams

Mary Williams

Mary has been passionate about music and movement her whole life. Her yoga journey began in 2010 initially been drawn to yoga by the sense of escape and very quickly grew to love the mind, body, spirit connection. She began her teaching career in Miami in 2012 before moving to Dublin, teaching restorative yoga Bikram yoga, children's and additional needs yoga and Vinyasa flow. She has enjoyed watching students of all ages light up from the practice of yoga ever since. She enjoys travelling and teaching yoga and sharing her love it. Her mission as a yoga teacher is to help others see that Mindfulness can be achieved through a variety of approaches such as yoga, music, meditation and healthy living and being present in everything you do. While not flowing on her mat, Mary teaches music, plays violin in an orchestra, snowboards in winter and lies forever under the sun during the summer.

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