Relax & Restore Your Core

Relax & Restore Your Core

Feeling stressed and a little run down? Studies show that stress hormones cause us to store fat around our middle so combining tummy strengthening with relaxation is the best way to de-stress and tone the core.

This is a lovely tutorial on how to let go of the tension we hold in our core. A perfect routine to practice at home, grab your mat and a throw or blanket, relax those tummy muscles so you can start working on toning your core.

This routine is ideal for anyone looking to tone up and chill out at the same time! It’s also great for new Mums looking to regain shape and strength after giving birth (after your 6 week check-up).

The many benefits of a good core & restore work-out include

  • Core strengthening exercises improve posture
  • Abdominal tone and relieve back ache
  • Gentle and safe spinal twists to promote good digestion and back flexibility
  • Restorative yoga postures encourage opening and deep release
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Gentle poses allow the body to unwind and experience ease and comfort.

Join us on this Saturday, March 26th for a guided Core & Restore Workshop. We’ll focus on those difficult core muscles in a supportive and nurturing environment and end on a lovely relaxation, known as yoga nidra. This involves the progressive relaxation of each part of the body in turn. The perfect end to a yoga practice, bringing about profound relaxation and feelings of well-being.


About the author: Paula Flood

Paula Flood

My first experience of yoga was at Queen’s University PEC in Belfast where I attended classes with Iyengar instructor Marie Quail in the mid-90s. From the very first class, I was hooked on yoga and immersed myself over the following years in practice and training.’ Paula completed a hatha yoga diploma in 1999 and since then has trained in prenatal yoga, yoga therapy, anatomy, Buteyko breathing, mindfulness meditation and anti-gravity yoga. Paula has been a tutor on teacher training courses and also teaches at Om Yoga Dublin. Paula is accredited with Yoga Alliance UK, RYT 500 hours. ‘I am always inspired to share yoga with others and I try to teach in a way that is clear and accessible for everyone. My hope is that if you come to my class, you will leave feeling better

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