Exercise as Pain Management

It’s weird how often the thing that we least feel like doing can be beneficial to us. For anyone living with chronic pain, exercise may not seem like the obvious answer to pain management. Tai chi (often called moving meditation) has proven effective in many cases.

So what can you do if you are already being impacted by ill health?

Today, tai chi is one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body, not only in China, but around the world. Tai chi helps people to relax and feel better. Everything improves when you are more relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

Tai chi is one of the few exercises that really helps with several issues:

  • overall wellness
  • improved sleep
  • eases pain and stiffness
  • improves physical condition, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility.

Harvard Medical School, in their May 2009 Health Publications, suggests that tai chi, might well be referred to as “medication in motion”. In addition to preventing falls and reducing the effects of arthritis, the practice of tai chi has been shown to be helpful for a number of medical conditions including; low bone density, breast cancer and it’s side effects, heart disease and failure, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, sleep problems, and stroke.postartritis

Did you know that in Ireland around 915,000 people, including 1,100 children, are living with arthritis, making it the single biggest cause of disability. Living with pain can make life quite tricky, limiting our options for exercise and enjoying life in general. So we have to be smarter in our choice of activity.

The elbowroom runs regular tai chi courses , with the next one starting Tuesday 6th September 8pm. For more information contact reception on 01 6779859 or info@the-elbowroom.com.

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