Feel The Fear – And Do It Anyway! Inversions Workshop

Feel The Fear – And Do It Anyway! Inversions Workshop
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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – Inversions Workshop with Geraldine O Neill

Are you fearful of going upside down? Did you glide into a handstand as a child? Do you know how to keep yourself safe?

Over the course of this two-hour workshop, we will take a whistle-stop tour of all the main inverted postures – Head-stand, Shoulder-stand, Back-Bends – and
examine the correct alignment and key techniques for each.

Most importantly, we will focus on keeping ourselves safe, look at the modified versions of each, and examine some of the fears that hold us back.

Throughout the workshop, we will realise that being ‘upside down’ is really no big deal when we overcome our fears, align ourselves correctly and keep ourselves safe by following some grounding principles.

The class will begin with a soulful flow practice which will prepare us for the inversion component of this workshop. Suitable for Beginners to Advanced.

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