Awakening to your Ten Bodies

Kundalini yoga, also known as the Yoga of Awareness, consists of simple but effective yogic techniques which strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system resulting in increased vitality and a deeper sense of awareness and connectedness in the individual. It is a complete science which uses the breath, yoga postures, sound, mantra and active meditations as tools for self-transformation and personal development. These techniques can be practised by anyone regardless of age or fitness levels.

An introduction to the basics of Kundalini Yoga takes place this Saturday 9th November with Lorna Ní Chéirín at 12.30-2.30pm in the Elbowroom. As a taster, try the following simple 3 minute meditation which is wonderful to do when you are feeling mentally scattered or emotionally drained.

Sit comfortably and relax one hand on your knee.  Place the fingertips of one hand on either the pulse at your wrist or on your throat. Simple feel and mediate on the pulse, linking up an internal affirmation or mantra with the beat of your heart. Suggested mantras could be ‘I am’ or ‘Love is’ or ‘Sat Nam’ (Truth is my identity).

Consciously slow, soften and deepen the breath and your pulse will slow down, created a more relaxed peaceful state of mind. Breathe and focus on the mantra and your pulse for a minimum of 3 minutes or if you have time, continue to 11 minutes. This mediation will renew you with a sense of well being and soft centered awareness.

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