Introduction to Shadow Yoga Workshop with David Curtis

Martial arts and dance

Shadow Yoga, as developed by yoga master Zhander Remete, makes use of the methods and preparatory practices common to classical Hatha Yoga and the self-cultivating arts (both martial and dance).

 Using dynamic stances and warrior forms in both linear and spiraling movements, Shadow Yoga helps to remove blockages to the free flow of vital energy (Life force or Prana), while igniting the inner fire (Agni). This builds a solid foundation for the practices of asana, bandha, mudra, pranayama, and meditation.

circulation of the life force

The workshop will begin to present the skillful and systematic means to free blockages in the Marma System (Vital Junctions), leading to the unobstructed circulation of the life force and will leave you feeling open, grounded, and energized. Students will learn the joint mobilization exercises (Chalanas), and begin the process of learning the first Shadow Yoga form, the Balakrama (“Stepping into Strength”).

All Students

This workshop is for ALL STUDENTS REGARDLESS OF EXPERIENCE LEVEL, and is a prerequisite to learning the Shadow Yoga Prelude forms (there are three forms). This will begin with a course on the ‘Balakrama and Intro to Primary Asana’ course beginning Friday January 13th at 7.00am – 8.00am for 6 weeks. Cost 75.00 – 10% discount for members

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