Knowing your Nidra: Restore your health

When I was younger I was an dynamic yoga addict. Tying my body in knots. Splits at parties and the like. Now my favourite type of yoga is restorative. I get to lie down and let gravity unwind my body. The best bit is the led relaxation at the end when all those amazing changes can integrate into my body. That’s the nidra.

Restorative is the ultimate in nidra as it flows through the whole class with a final melt into bliss. Join sophia for restorative yoga which runs about every two weeks. Just enough to recharge your energy until the next one. Lots of lovely nidra in restorative yoga.

Nidra is all about helping you into a state of complete relaxation. To use all the pranic energy you have amassed during your class to help you into a state of joy and bliss. Sounds good aye?

Nidra techniques for you to try

Breath is a great tool for relaxing your body. Just following the rhythm of your breath coming in and coming out is the best start for a relaxation. The great thing is that you can do it anywhere and need no special equipment.

It is completely normal for you mind to start getting in the way. With distractions such as thoughts, planning ideas, physical sensations etc. Each time that happens, let that distraction go and move onto the next breath. Eventually the time between distractions will widen.

As is naming parts of your body and suggesting they relax. Studies have show that this method, known as autonomic suggestion, results in more release of tension in the body that with breath alone. And brain waves move into a more meditative state. Can’t be bad!

So lie down and start with your feet:

  • I relax my feet, I relax my feet, my feet are relaxed
  • I relax my ankles and calves, I relax my ankles and calves, my ankles and calves are relaxed
  • And so on all the way to your head.

If you need a a couple of recommendations on online resources to guide you into a state of bliss here are a few:

Hope to see you at restorative yoga for a complete full mind and body chill out.

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