Kundalini for Renewal & Vitality with Sandra Lulei

Kundalini for Renewal & Vitality with Sandra Lulei
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Even at the beginning of spring winter still seems to exert a stronghold over us. We are still answering to winter’s call for hibernation. And yet, a more restless energy begins to represent itself as we long for more warmth, sunlight and the final blooming of spring. We begin to dream of and yearn for adventures and new avenues to open up in our lives. Often in winter we become less active and are low in energy as we accumulate more than we are able to process.

As we awaken to the vibrant energy of spring we are gifted with a great opportunity to cleanse and renew on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Thus we can prepare for renewal and build a foundation for change with greater clarity in our lives.
This Kundalini yoga workshop explores the energetic transition time between winter and spring to revitalise our energies in order to become lighter, brighter and to discover a new “spring” in our steps.

We will be working in particular with detoxification and the renewal of energies on all levels through kriya (particular sequence of postures), pranayama (breathwork), mantra (sound current), deep restorative relaxation and meditation.

This 2.5-hour workshop costs €29 and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners

Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the event or full payment will be forfeited.

***Please note, if you’re booking 2 or more places on this course you have to set up multiple MindBody accounts when purchasing. You can also call reception on (01) 677 9859 and they will help you book multiple people into the course***

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