Kundalini – Meditation for the Negative Mind

We generally think of ourselves as having a single body.  However Kundalini yoga teaches that our physical body is just one of our ten bodies that we experience life through.  We also have three mental bodies (the negative mind, the positive mind and the neutral mind), and six energy bodies (soul body, subtle body, arcline, auric body, pranic body and the radiant body).

Try the following meditation to balance the negative, protective fearful  mind.  This meditation will clear the mind of unwanted, negative or fearful thoughts, protecting and promoting your well-being.

  • Sit with spine straight in a chair or cross legged.  Make a cup of the hands with both palms facing you.  Rest the right hand on top of your left hand, crossing the right fingers over the left fingers.  Place this cup at the heart center, relax elbows by your sides.  Slightly open your eyes and look towards the hands.
  • Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through rounded lips.  Feel the breath on your hands.  As you inhale, allow unwanted desires and negative thoughts to enter your mind.  As you exhale, completely let them go.  Practice for 11 minutes.  To end inhale powerfully, then exhale completely through the nose.  Repeat this breath 3 to 5 times and relax completely.


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